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Deminor Alert and Monitoring Service (DAMS)

DAMS is Deminor’s complimentary service for institutional investors, who wish to be informed of international recovery opportunities.

Why subscribe to DAMS?

The number of international recovery actions is continuing to grow rapidly. DAMS helps you to remain informed of potential new cases in opt-in jurisdictions that do not have a public register and gives you recommendations for action based on years of experience.

DAMS can provide you with:

  • Monthly alerts about potential investment recovery cases, newly launched cases and settlements worldwide, straight to your inbox
  • Recommendations for action
  • Detailed analyses of each case, follow-up information monthly
  • An estimate of potential losses and an eligibility check for individual cases based on your trading data

A global service

In line with Deminor’s global reach, Deminor Alert & Monitoring Service keeps track of opportunities internationally and covers all countries.

DAMS new map

How can I subscribe to DAMS?

  • Sign a master agreement
  • No obligation to join Deminor cases
  • No fees

Request a subscription to DAMS