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Nous fournissons à nos clients les ressources, l’attention et l’expertise légale nécessaires afin de mener avec succès leurs litiges et de monétiser leurs demandes en justice.

Three years of WAMCA: A Quantitative Analysis

"The Dutch Collective Damages Act (“WAMCA”) has now been in existence for three years. Since January 1, 2020, this law ...

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Deminor consolidates its position as the leading litigation funder in Italy by signing a key partnership with the Grimaldi Alliance

Deminor signs a strategic partnership with Grimaldi Alliance, enabling the group to extend its endorsement of clients ...

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The Third Party Litigation Funding Law Review

The Third Party Litigation Funding Law Review provides an overview of and an annual guide to the law and practice of ...

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Deminor welcomes Tim Willing to further develop litigation funding activities in Germany

Tim Willing will bring additional experience and expertise in antitrust, as well as commercial, and securities ...

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Madoff Fraud Victims Benefit from Rising Recovery Rates

“In 2008, the Ponzi fraud orchestrated by Bernard Madoff became world news. With an estimated size of USD 64.8 billion, ...

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Paris Arbitration Week 2023

Deminor Litigation Funding - official partners of Paris Arbitration Week 2023 Deminor is proud to continue its ...

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Merci pour les 14.000 inscriptions - cette campagne est terminée! Plus de 14.000 coopérateurs Arco ont rejoint notre ...

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