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Michael Watson

Senior Legal Counsel

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AI Washing and Securities Litigation – Just Getting Started

In recent weeks, investors have brought two securities class actions against companies alleging that the companies ...

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SCOTUS’s Slack Ruling Eviscerates Section 11 Protections

In early June of 2023, the United States Supreme Court (“SCOTUS”) issued an opinion that effectively held that when a ...

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Theranos’ CEO Elizabeth Holmes Convicted; But Will Anything Change?

On 3 January 2022, a jury convicted Theranos’ former CEO, Elizabeth Holmes, of four counts of fraud. The conviction ...

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Climate Activist Takes Board Seats at Exxon via Hostile Proxy Coup

A climate-change focused activist hedge fund with a USD 53 million position in Exxon (representing approximately 0.02% ...

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SPAC Bubble Will Lead to Investor Lawsuits

2020 saw an unprecedented number of initial public offerings of “SPACs,” shell companies designed to take private ...

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Chinese Companies Delisting from US Exchanges at Unfair Valuations

In recent months, US legislators and politicians have taken steps towards instituting laws that may ultimately require ...

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