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How Investment Recovery works

Deminor has been active in investment recovery for decades.

Ensuring accountability, acting for investors

When companies commit fraud or otherwise engage in wrongful conduct, investors will often draw the short straw. Deminor’s Investment Recovery practice assists multinational investors in recouping their losses on investments when they have been misled or deceived by companies. 

For more than 25 years, Deminor has recovered investment losses through litigation in Europe and worldwide, and we have a distinguished track record to show for it. A well-structured and strategically sound approach to due diligence and the conduct of each case is key to our success. Deminor assumes all financial risks and protects investors against adverse party costs.

We assist our clients from the very beginning by monitoring the market, recommending next steps, and providing all necessary details to allow investors to participate in a planned recovery action. After notifying our clients about a case, we offer a complementary loss calculation based on their trading data. Once Deminor has performed an eligibility check, we enter into a contractual arrangement that mandates us to recover losses for our clients. Throughout the process, we provide our clients with regular updates on each case. We seek our clients’ input on strategic issues and settlements, whenever required.

About Deminor

Our approach is, and has always been, to act in our clients’ interests. Deminor’s consistently high success rate reflects our careful assessment of strategic risks and persistent pursuit of our clients’ concerns on each case.

Edouard Fremault
Chief Strategy Officer

How does it work in practice?


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Deminor Alert and Monitoring Service (DAMS)

DAMS is Deminor’s complimentary service for institutional investors, who wish to be informed of international recovery opportunities.

DAMS can provide you with:

  • Monthly alerts about potential investment recovery cases, newly launched cases and settlements worldwide, straight to your inbox
  • Recommendations for action
    Detailed analyses of each case, follow-up information monthly

Request a subscription to DAMS