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Deminor Case Studies

Deminor receives Litigation Funding requests for a wide variety of disputes, a number of which are highlighted below.


Co-funder Proposes Sharing of Litigation Funding Risk to Leverage Deminor’s In-House Due Diligence Capability

An investment fund had been presented with a patent enforcement claim but did not have any internal capability to conduct due diligence of the case. The case wa...

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Financing Assertion of Patents protecting manufacturing processes

A client with patent applications covering a novel manufacturing process approached Deminor to request litigation funding for its dispute. The defendant had ini...

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Telecoms Patent Assertion – Multi-Jurisdictional Campaigns

A client with patents in the mobile phone technology space approached Deminor to fund aspects of its ongoing multi-jurisdictional campaign due to Deminor’s liti...

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What’s the risk? Assessing the risk of counter assertion by the defendant in patent litigation

A client with a product patent and a strong infringement read wanted to enforce its patent against its competitor but was concerned about the risk of counter as...

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Overstepping the Mark – Litigation Funding trade mark infringement

An SME client with a large portfolio of registered trade marks approached Deminor seeking third party finance for their claim against a large organisation for u...

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Lights, Camera, Action! Recovering damages for infringement of rights in a short film

A client approached Deminor claiming that their short film had been reproduced and distributed within a series produced by a large entertainment content develop...

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Recovering Damages for Stolen Software through Litigation Funding

Deminor was contacted by a potential client to investigate the funding viability of a potential claim to recover damages from a competitor. A key software engin...

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Canadian Innovative Start-Up Preparing for a David v Goliath Litigation Funding Battle

Deminor was approached by a Canadian start-up with patents over a technology to improve efficiency and save energy, but the client’s strategy was not aligned wi...

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Funding in the Pharma Sector / Investing in a case where litigation is already ongoing

Deminor was approached by a small innovative pharmaceutical company whose headline product improves quality of life for an ageing population. The company was al...

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