Collective Consumer Claims

Supporting Collective Consumer Claims through Litigation Funding.

The role of litigation funding in collective consumer claims

Collective consumer claims benefit from using litigation funding companies by gaining access to financial resources necessary to pursue legal action against corporations or institutions, covering expenses such as legal fees and expert costs while also mitigating the financial risks associated with complex litigation through non-recourse funding arrangements. Additionally, litigation funding enhances the credibility and legitimacy of collective consumer claims, facilitating access to expert legal representation and levelling the playing field against well-funded opponents, thereby increasing the likelihood of achieving successful outcomes in legal disputes.

Overall, collective consumer claims benefit from working with a litigation funding company by gaining access to financial resources, mitigating risks, increasing credibility, securing expert representation, levelling the playing field, and promoting accountability in legal disputes against powerful opponents.

Common types of collective consumer claims

  • Class Actions: Lawsuits filed by a group of consumers who have suffered similar harm or losses due to the actions of a corporation or institution, seeking compensation or other remedies on behalf of the entire class.
  • Mass Actions: Similar to class actions, mass actions involve multiple individuals or groups of consumers filing separate lawsuits against a common defendant, often related to widespread consumer harm or product defects.
  • Product Liability Claims: Collective consumer claims arising from injuries or damages caused by defective products, where multiple consumers come together to seek compensation or hold manufacturers accountable for negligence or product defects.
  • Consumer Rights Violations: Legal actions brought by consumers against corporations or institutions for violations of consumer protection laws, such as misleading advertising, unfair contract terms, or breaches of consumer rights.
  • Antitrust Claims: Collective consumer claims alleging anticompetitive practices or price-fixing schemes by corporations or industry players, aimed at protecting consumer interests and promoting fair competition in the marketplace.
  • Data Breach and Privacy Violations: Lawsuits filed on behalf of consumers affected by data breaches or privacy violations, seeking damages or remedies for the unauthorised access, use, or disclosure of personal information by corporations or institutions.

These are some of the most common types of collective consumer claims, representing efforts by groups of consumers to seek justice, compensation, and accountability for harms or violations of their rights in the marketplace.

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How litigation funding can be used within consumer claims

  • Financial Resources: Litigation funding provides collective consumer claims with the financial resources necessary to pursue legal action against corporations or institutions, covering expenses such as legal fees, court costs, and expert witness fees.
  • Risk Mitigation: By securing funding from litigation finance companies, collective consumer claims can mitigate the financial risks associated with pursuing complex legal actions, as funding is typically non-recourse, meaning repayment is only required if the case is successful.
  • Increased Credibility: Working with a litigation funding company can increase the credibility and legitimacy of collective consumer claims, as funding demonstrates financial backing and support for pursuing meritorious legal action.
  • Expert Legal Representation: Litigation funding enables collective consumer claims to access experienced lawyers and legal experts who specialise in complex litigation, ensuring quality representation and increasing their chances of success.
  • Levelling the Playing Field: Collective consumer claims can level the playing field against well-funded opponents, such as corporations or institutions, by obtaining the financial resources needed to mount a strong legal case and pursue justice effectively.
  • Promoting Accountability: Litigation funding supports efforts to hold corporations or institutions accountable for unlawful conduct, negligence, or violations of consumer rights, promoting transparency, accountability, and fairness in the marketplace.

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