How Litigation Funding Works

We have the ability to close funding deals in 4 weeks.

From Request for Funding

to Funding Agreement

Erik Bomans

Deminor’s decision-making and documentation process is one of the most efficient in the market. We are able to close litigation funding deals in 4-6 weeks, subject to securing the necessary information for case assessment.

Erik Bomans
Chief Executive Officer

The litigation funding process

Deminor offers two possible options for the management of its litigation project. The client and his/her lawyer choose Deminor’s level of involvement.

Due to regulatory restrictions in certain jurisdictions, Deminor’s role may be limited to funding only.


Funding and litigation management support

In this model, Deminor offers additional litigation management services without additional fees. At the client’s request, Deminor may suggest the engagement of lawyers, review of written submissions, preparation of evidence documents, damage assessment, coordination between lawyers, experts and other advisors, settlement negotiation and execution support, etc.


Funding only

Deminor’s role in this option is limited to funding and the client manages the litigation with his/her counsel. Deminor will be kept informed about all developments in the case and may offer some passive support at the request of the client or counsel. Strategic decisions with potential impacts on funding (and thus, Deminor’s interests) may however require Deminor’s consent, unless the contract specifically provides that no such consent is required.

“Deminor’s ability to deliver to budget and provide overall value for money, commercial awareness and commitment to diversity and inclusion initiatives are very strong.”

“Deminor has a highly specialised team with a presence across several countries.”

“Deminor is probably the most structured litigation funder in Europe.”

APAC Commercial Client - Chambers & Partners 2021 Rankings

UK Market Commentator - Chambers & Partners 2023 Rankings

Chambers & Partners 2022 Rankings - European Arbitration Client

The client remains
the ultimate decision maker

Even if Deminor provides litigation management support services, the client remains the ultimate decision maker. Deminor does not have a veto right and will never impose a decision. However, some caveats are laid out in the contract to protect the interests of the funder, for example when the client wishes to terminate the contract or accept a settlement at conditions below fair value.


Litigation Funding in 3 steps

Step 1

Request for funding

  • Mutual NDA is signed.
  • Client delivers full information set to Deminor.
Step 2

2. Funding agreement

  • Deminor starts free 3-tier assessment:
    1. Quick assessment
    2. Due diligence assessment
    3. Investment Committee decision
  • Client is kept informed about decision-making  process
  • Funding proposal is delivered within 4 to 6 weeks
  • Signing of the funding agreement
Step 3

Settlement or Court Judgement

  • Deminor pays all costs as from signing of the funding agreement.
  • Deminor can assist the Client during the litigation (optional).
  • Either a compensation is obtained and the Client is charged the predetermined success fee, or in case no compensation is obtained, the Client owes us nothing.

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