Deminor is one of the most established and fastest-growing international litigation funding companies, offering a range of rewarding and challenging careers for legal and non-legal professionals.

“Deminor is driven to restore justice​

by pushing new boundaries”​

Founded in 1990, Deminor is a leading privately-owned and international litigation funder with offices in Brussels, London, Hamburg, New York, Hong Kong, Milan, Madrid, Luxembourg and Stockholm.

Combining skill sets from 19 different nationalities and 22 languages, Deminor has funded cases in 22 jurisdictions including the Americas, the Middle East and offshore centres such as the Cayman Islands and Bermuda. With specialists in arbitration, enforcement, intellectual property, competition, investments & tax, corporate & post-M&A, Deminor has achieved positive recoveries for clients in more than 77.8% of the cases it has funded, against an industry average of 70%. 

Deminor is immensely proud of its diverse client base, which includes some of the world’s most innovative and entrepreneurial companies, in addition to globe’s leading public and private pension funds, asset managers, sovereign wealth funds. Out of the ten biggest investors worldwide, four are recurring clients of Deminor.  


fense des minoritaires

Deminor’s name, derived from the French ‘défense des minoritaires’, reflects its origins in providing services to minority shareholders. Deminor is still very much defined by the pursuit of good causes and its determination to restore justice for clients.

Our departments

  • The Management Team: Deminor's Board of Directors, Investment Committee, Management Committee
  • Our Case Management Department takes responsibility for: oversight of all funded litigation cases, including assessing new cases, monitoring ongoing cases, coordinating with external legal teams, and ensuring that litigation progresses efficiently and effectively. 
  • The Group Compliance & Legal team ensures: Legal standards and regulatory requirements, legal risk management, compliance frameworks, as well as managing corporate governance and policy implementation.
  • Finance Department: Consisting of Corporate Finance and Credit and Treasury Management, Deminor's internal finance team take complete control of all the internal financial management of the company combined with supporting all case finances.
  • Our Case Management practice areas include: Litigation Funding, Investment Recovery, Antitrust, Enforcement, Intellectual Property and Arbitration.
  • Claims Management: Deminor has an extremely experienced case management team that supports our group claims through actively book-building and on-boarding clients throughout the entire lifecycle of the case.
  • The HR Department is responsible for: Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development, Employee Relations, Diversity & Inclusion, Well-being, Compensation & benefits alongside other functions.
  • Administration, IT, and Marketing: The Administrative team manages daily operations, office logistics, and customer service. Our IT team ensures technology systems' functionality and efficiency, secures data management, and provides technical support. Finally, the Marketing team is responsible for branding, communications, and outreach activities. 
Working at deminor

Team building events

Each year Deminor seeks ways to bring the team together to engage in a series of strategic, charity, environmental, and also fun, events. It's an essential part of the Deminor DNA and something that has helped to foster a unique and special team working environment within the firm.

Team lunch at Beli April 2024
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UK team

Driven by the Deminor DNA

Deminor's DNA is something we can't see or touch, but it’s ingrained in everyone who works at the company.
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