Enforcement and Asset Recovery with Deminor

Deminor’s in-house asset tracing, investigations and intelligence team offers conflict-free on-risk enforcement and asset recovery across the globe.

Can third-party funding help my enforcement?

We provide non-recourse funding, expertise, evidence and intelligence to unravel complex ownership structures, identify value and devise effective recovery, and engagement strategies with no-downside risk to clients.

Our third-party finance solutions can be invaluable in various enforcement and asset recovery scenarios that you may face. These include but are not limited to:

  • Uncollected judgments and awards, including against sovereigns;
  • Unpaid costs orders;
  • Non-performing loans;
  • Corporate and personal guarantees
  • Promissory notes and similar instruments.

Features of enforcement with Deminor

  • Comprehensive package solution;
  • Quick case assessment even with no prior asset-tracing;
  • Advice on recoverability and strategy;
  • Project management;
  • Common and civil law expertise;
  • Flexible approach to claim value and investment thresholds;
  • Single case and portfolio funding.
Our Proven Track Record

Why Finance your Enforcement with Deminor

Since 1990, Deminor has been helping companies and investors monetise their legal claims. With offices in nine countries across three continents, Deminor has funded cases in 22 jurisdictions and is widely considered as one of the leading litigation finance companies globally.

Deminor’s name, derived from the French ‘défense des minoritaires’, reflects its origins in providing services to minority shareholders. Deminor is still very much defined by the pursuit of good causes and its determination to restore justice for clients.



Deminor has been helping companies since 1990

Tailored and bespoke funding solutions

Deminor offers bespoke third-party funding solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your enforcement case


Non-Recourse Financing

Litigation funding is non-recourse, meaning you only repay the investment if your arbitration is successful.

Risk Mitigation

Spread the financial risk associated with arbitration, protecting your assets and business interests.



Access our team's extensive experience in evaluating arbitration cases to make informed funding decisions.

Unlock your enforcement potential

Third-party funding for enforcement and asset recovery

Navigating the complexities of international arbitration can be challenging. Deminor Litigation Funding specialises in providing third-party finance for international arbitration cases, ensuring that claimants have the resources needed to pursue justice on a global scale.

With Deminor, you benefit from a Global Perspective and Local Presence as we combine skill sets from 22 different nationalities and 19 languages – with 9 offices worldwide in Brussels, London, Hamburg, New York, Hong Kong, Madrid, Milan, Stockholm and Luxembourg.








Recoveries above the industry average

Deminor can provide funding for enforcement and asset tracing. This can be helpful for parties who do not have the financial resources to fund their own recoveries.  Deminor typically funds cases that have a strong chance of success and that could result in a significant financial award.

"Deminor has achieved positive recoveries for clients in 77.8% of the cases it has funded, against an industry average of 70%."

Don't let financial constraints hinder
your pursuit of justice.

Contact Deminor today to discuss how our tailored third-party solutions can support your enforcement case.
Our experienced team is ready to evaluate your case and provide the funding you need to secure a favourable outcome.