Claims Management

Supporting and Enhancing your collective actions through a comprehensive Claims Management Department.

Deminor offers clients a complete end-to-end claims management solution

Deminor was one of the first litigation funding companies to incorporate a complete end-to-end claims management solution within its offering to clients, and this has remained at the core of the company ever since. 

Throughout the years, the team has not only supported but been able to substantially accelerate the growth of group and collective claims by managing all aspects of client management, from the initial acquisition and onboarding, the ongoing communication during a claim, through to managing all payment distribution at the end of a claim.

Deminor has a permanent international team familiar with multi-jurisdictional claims and is experienced in managing institutional, B2B, and consumer claims.

Law firms, consumer associations, claim organisations, and corporates can use our claims management solutions to build and manage their collective actions or claim portfolios in combination with or independently of our litigation funding solutions.

Our claims management solutions are subject to regulatory restrictions in certain jurisdictions, including the U.K. Please consult us to know which services we can offer in your jurisdiction.

How our claims management department can support collective actions

  • Empowering Smaller Entities: In combination with our bespoke litigation funding solutions, levelling the playing field for smaller entities against larger opponents, ensuring that all businesses have access to quality legal representation and the opportunity to manage claims effectively.
  • Identifying and Vetting Potential Cases: Our claims management department has a network of potential claimants and can assess the merits of a case before it reaches the funding stage, saving time and resources.
  • Streamlining the Intake Process: Our claims management department can handle initial communication with potential claimants, gather necessary documents, and prepare them for funding consideration.


  • Client Outreach and Marketing: They can help the law firm or claims organisation reach a wider pool of potential claimants through targeted marketing and outreach strategies.
  • Case Management and Support: They can assist with tasks like case management, evidence gathering, and communication with claimants, freeing up the law firm or claims organisation to focus on their core tasks.
  • Enhancing Case Merit Evaluation: The due diligence process undertaken by Deminor can provide an additional layer of evaluation, helping businesses to identify and pursue claims with the strongest legal merits.
  • Operational Efficiency: Enables law firms to maintain operational efficiency by offloading the financial and administrative burden of managing complex legal claims, allowing internal resources to focus on higher value added legal tasks.
Your success is our success:

We are only paid when we win or settle your case.

Deminor handles all litigation costs and receives a percentage of the losses recovered.

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