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We provide our clients with the financial resources to successfully litigate and monetise their claims

Madoff Victim Fund brings victims of Madoff fraud to a total recovery of 91% on fraud loss

Ten years after its creation in the aftermath of the largest Ponzi fraud in history, the Madoff Victim Fund announced ...

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ECJ confirms €880 m fine imposed on Scania in relation to trucks cartel

UPDATE: The European Court of Justice confirms the €880 million fine imposed on Scania in relation to the trucks ...

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H2O Asset Management – Deminor funds claims to support thousands of H2O investors who suffered substantial losses

In what is probably the largest group claim ever initiated in France, Deminor is funding a legal action which has now ...

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Deminor are Platinum Sponsors of The Swiss Arbitration Summit 2024

Swiss Arbitration Summit 2024 Deminor is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of the Swiss Arbitration Association's (ASA) ...

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Deminor - Bronze Sponsors of the Global Class Actions Symposium 2023

Global Class Actions Symposium Deminor is proud to have been a Bronze sponsor of the Global Class Actions Symposium ...

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Deminor Signs The Green Pledge

Deminor is very proud to be one of the first litigation funders to sign the Green Pledge of the Campaign for Greener ...

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Deminor renews our relationship with MIMA in 2023-2024

Deminor is very proud to continue its unique charitable partnership with MIMA (the Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art ...

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