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Deminor publications

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Litigation Funding e-book

Why would a corporation make use of third-party funding for its litigation or arbitration claims?

  • Does it work for all claims?
  • How does it work and what are the steps from initial assessment to closing of the funding?

These and many other questions will be addressed in our Litigation Funding e-book.



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Antitrust Actions e-book

Why are you entitled to seek compensation when you have been affected by a cartel, an abuse of dominant position or another form of anticompetitive practice?

How can you be informed of opportunities to seek compensation?
  • What are the first steps you should take?
  • What should you expect if you decide to participate in an Antitrust Action organized and funded by Deminor?

These, and many other questions will be addressed in our Antitrust Actions e-book.



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Deminor Alert and Monitoring Service (DAMS)

DAMS is Deminor’s complimentary service for institutional investors, who wish to be informed of international recovery opportunities.

DAMS can provide you with:

  • Monthly alerts about potential investment recovery cases, newly launched cases and settlements worldwide, straight to your inbox
  • Recommendations for action
  • Detailed analyses of each case, follow-up information monthly

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Guide to collective opt-out damage actions in the Netherlands

Deminor is active in the Netherlands on a variety of high-profile actions and has been successful on numerous Dutch collective actions in the past. We are pleased to share some of our insights into this rapidly evolving jurisdiction with you, our clients and contacts.


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