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Deminor Litigation Funding

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Litigation funding is non-recourse finance provided to claimants

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Litigation funding is a service where a third party (the funder - Deminor) provides financial resources allowing a claimant to pursue claims through litigation or arbitration.

The funder pays all legal costs and does not receive any remuneration or return unless the case is successful, and the claimant achieves a recovery - this is also known as 'no cure, no pay'. 

In the event of a recovery, the funder receives a share of the proceeds. If the case is unsuccessful, the funder loses its money, and nothing is owed by the claimant.

Subject to regulatory restrictions in certain jurisdictions, Deminor as funder may also offer litigation management & support services in conjunction with litigation funding - more information is available on how it works and the litigation funding process.

Additionally, there are answers available to frequently asked questions about litigation funding and third-party funding.


Who is deminor?

fense des minoritaires

Founded in 1990, Deminor is a leading privately-owned and international litigation funder with offices in Brussels, London, Hamburg, Madrid, New York, Stockholm, Hong Kong, Milan, and Luxembourg. Deminor’s name, derived from the French ‘défense des minoritaires’, reflects its origins in providing services to minority shareholders. Deminor is still very much defined by the pursuit of good causes and its determination to restore justice for clients.

Why choose Deminor as your litigation funding partner?

Not only can Deminor offer clients access to one of the most experienced, diverse and international teams within litigation funding, but it is also recognised for its leading levels of customer service, high delivery standards a wide variety of litigation funding solutions. Below there is a small selection of business awards and leading associations that Deminor is part of:

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"Their service levels and responsiveness are very strong. Compared to many funders in this space their response times are good. They always set out timelines for when they will respond by. This is very helpful in terms of managing client expectations."

"Deminor funds an array of impressive matters across Europe, including securities, antitrust and commercial arbitration cases."

"The Deminor team consists of lawyers and economists with expertise in practically all relevant regions and jurisdictions."

"I would say Deminor has a strong ability to cut through the detail and identify the key risk attributes."

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Why would a law firm or corporation make use of third-party funding for litigation or arbitration claims? Does it work for all claims? How does litigation funding work and what  are the steps from initial assessment to closing of the funding? These and many other questions will be addressed in our Litigation Funding e-book.

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Awards and Industry Events

Deminor is a leading voice within the global litigation funding industry. We are regularly sponsoring, attending and speaking at the sector's premier events, discussing the key topics that are shaping the industry. In addition, our team has become increasingly recognised for our contribution to the litigation funding sector through a diverse range of business and professional awards.

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BLBG Amsterdam Sept 22 - Joeri 3
CIArb Conference Feb 23 - Irene - cropped
Fire Starters Alex
Corporate Counsel and Compliance Exchange - emily & David
IMN International Forum London Oct 22- Edouard & Malte
AIPPI World Congress SF Sep 22 -2 Emily & Michael
Italian Arb Days July 4 23 - Giacomo & Erik
Tim and Malte at The Legal 500 awards in Frankfurt
LEAR Festival Rome 2023 Giacomo & Charles
Lexology - Irene
IMN International Forum London Oct 22- Deminor Stand
Joeri and Malte at the Legal 500 General Counsel Summit in Frankfurt
Legal 500 Kevin & Emily
Berlin arbitration Day Mar 23 - Patrick & Malte
Grimaldi Aliance Workshop Sep 23 - Giacomo
Legal500 Frankfurt Feb 24 - Tim & Malte
LEAR Festival Romo 202 Charles
Erik and Giacomo - LCW 2022-1
12th SIArb Commercial Arbitration Symposium 2022 - Irene & Edouard

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