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Deminor Blog

We provide our clients with the financial resources to successfully litigate and monetise their claims

Litigation Funding Podcast Series with Emily O'Neill featuring Justin Gutmann

In this podcast series, Emily O'Neill General Counsel UK for Deminor Litigation Funding, undertakes interviews with ...

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UPC Podcast Series: 'Leveraging Strategies for Chinese Companies' - featuring Lily Zhang

In this podcast series, Emily O'Neill General Counsel UK and Global Intellectual Property lead for Deminor Litigation ...

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UPC Podcast Series with Emily O'Neill featuring Lily Zhang (ZH)

在这个播客系列中,Emily O'Neill英国总法律顾问和全球知识产权牵头的Deminor诉讼资金,与全球专业人士进行访谈,并一起了解新的统一专利法院(UPC)的含义。 Deminor欢迎您加入这次对话,因为我们总结了Emily ...

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Groundbreaking judgement in Dutch collective opt-out proceedings against Airbus: both claim foundations declared inadmissible

A fortnight ago, I published an article on a dismissal by the Amsterdam District Court of all claims of Airbus ...

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Airbus claim dismissed: investors were timely and properly informed about the corruption scandal

Airbus Investors Recovery Limited’ claims for investor damages have been dismissed by the Amsterdam District Court. The ...

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Litigation Funding Podcast Series mit Dr. Malte Stübinger und Dr. Elke Umbeck

In dieser Podcast-Reihe führt Dr. Malte Stübinger General Counsel Deutschland und Global Practice Lead für Consumer ...

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A bad deal for consumers - German Bundestag passes implementation of collective redress directive

On Friday, 7 July 2023, the Bundestag, Germany’s lower house of Parliament, passed the bill on the implementation of ...

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