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Deminor Blog

We provide our clients with the financial resources to successfully litigate and monetise their claims

EU Parliament Litigation Funding Resolution Criticised  by Experts

In a recent Policy and Regulatory Report (PaRR), Carmen Perales provides a balanced overview of the European ...

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Third-Party Funding for International Arbitration in Latin America

Arbitration analysis: Third Party Funding (TPF) is a type of litigation funding which has seen an enormous increase in ...

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A View to Germany: Recoverability of Third Party Funding Costs?

In Germany – as in many other places around the globe – recourse to third party litigation funding (“TPLF”) is becoming ...

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It’s All About You! – The Importance of the Client in Successful Litigation Funding

One of the most common questions asked by companies and law firms alike when considering litigation funding is: “Who ...

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Damages Based Agreements and Defendants: Retaining is not Obtaining

Sir Rupert Jackson’s 2009 report on civil litigation costs (the “Jackson Report”) proposed widespread changes to ...

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The new ICSID rules came into force on 1 July 2022. What do these mean for funders?

On 21 March 2022, the ICSID Member States approved amendments to the ICSID Rules. The amended Rules came into force on ...

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Landmark Decision in Mainland China - First Court English Judgment Recognised in Mainland China

Mainland China recognised an English Court judgment based on the principle of reciprocity for the first time on 17 ...

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