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Joeri Klein

Responsible for the Dutch market. Co-responsible for group-wide investment recovery cases. Head of research for Dutch collective proceedings and settlements.

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Groundbreaking judgement in Dutch collective opt-out proceedings against Airbus: both claim foundations declared inadmissible

A fortnight ago, I published an article on a dismissal by the Amsterdam District Court of all claims of Airbus ...

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Airbus claim dismissed: investors were timely and properly informed about the corruption scandal

Airbus Investors Recovery Limited’ claims for investor damages have been dismissed by the Amsterdam District Court. The ...

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Dutch court applies opt-out regime to foreign class members for the first time: are institutional investors at risk?

The main rule for Dutch class actions is that foreign class members must actively consent to being represented by the ...

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No tighter restrictions on ESG related collective actions against the Dutch State

Good news for Dutch NGOs and other representative organisations! Yesterday, the Dutch government confirmed that it will ...

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Ground-breaking victory against Royal Dutch Shell in the Netherlands

Yesterday, Milieudefensie, Greenpeace and four other environmental organisations that were joined by over 17,000 ...

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Shell held responsible for Nigeria oil spills in Dutch landmark decisions

On 29 January 2021, the Amsterdam Court of Appeals ruled in two cases that Shell Nigeria is liable for damages ...

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EUR 358m Danske Bank claim filed

On 20 February 2020, Deminor filed a complaint with the court of Lyngby (Copenhagen, Denmark) on behalf of a group of ...

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