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Bruno Wagner

Business Development Manager Deminor Recovery Services.

A severe medicinal operation in the MDAX: The case of Celesio AG

Established in 1835 as a chemist’s shop in Dresden by Franz Ludwig Gehe, Gehe & Comp’s shares started trading ...

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Spiders with -perhaps- a missing leg

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are wonderful, easy-to-use and efficient financial instruments. Yet, although these ETFs ...

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Damage Rock-overy

Pink Floyd’s album “The Final Cut” took its inspiration from Roger Water’s father who had died during World War II. ...

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Alibaba and other technology dreams

With the IPO-market hot again, the Chinese internet online marketing firm Alibaba has announced that a fast-track ...

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The new reality of litigation

Market abuse, market manipulation and price rigging have become anything but rare events in these days when numerous ...

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