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Felix von Zwehl

General Counsel Germany

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Temporal Scope of the Cartel Damage Directive

The primary aim of the ‘Damage Directive’ (2014/104/EU) was to facilitate effective redress for individuals and for ...

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First Lessons from the “Financialright” decision in Germany

A recent judgment of a German court in the trucks cartel case has raised concerns about the future of the assignment of ...

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Liberalisation of the Market for Legal Services in Germany?

In what was perceived as a ground-breaking decision for the liberalisation of the German legal service provider market, ...

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European Government Bonds Cartel: Acquirers/sellers may have damage claims against colluding banks

On 31 January 2019, the European Commission (“EC”) announced that it had sent a Statement of Objections to eight banks ...

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Winterkorn indicted for fraud in Germany

A new criminal indictment by German prosecutors on 15 April 2019 against Martin Winterkorn and four further unnamed ...

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Registration of claims in German model case proceeding allows investors to avoid outright legal battle

Just before Christmas last year a group of institutional investors advised by Deminor registered their claims against ...

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Volkswagen AG – Key takeaways from the first oral hearings in German model case proceeding

In the beginning of last week, the first oral hearings in the German model case proceeding (KapMuG) against Volkswagen ...

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