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Edouard Fremault

Executive Director & Partner of Deminor Recovery Services.

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Danske Bank: Deminor’s proposal to subject scandal to independent scrutiny receives some support

It is astonishing considering the gravity of Danske Bank’s money laundering scandal, that not a single senior executive ...

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Deminor has launched a recovery initiative in the Danske Bank case

We have launched a recovery initiative following the latest events concerning Danske Bank A/S (ISIN code: ...

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Deminor Recovery Services published its 2017 “Annual Review: Developments in non-US Securities Litigation”

For more than a decade Deminor has been at the forefront representing private and institutional investors in ...

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Steinhoff: Recent Developments

On 28 March 2018, South African parliament committees heard updates on the various investigations into Steinhoff. ...

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Data quality issues and potential shareholder claims in Japan

In the past few months, various Japanese companies have disclosed to the market that they faced data quality issues. ...

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BNP Paribas - Violation of Ethical Principles

On 18 December 2015, the US Congress enacted the creation of a compensation fund for the victims of terrorism (the ...

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Individual liability and derivative action in Europe

While recently grilled by British MPs over the Swiss Leaks and other problems at HSBC (money-laundering of Mexican drug ...

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