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Deminor Recovery Services extends its services to B2B claims en

Newsletter 02/2019

In addition to providing funding and support for investment recovery and group antitrust actions, Deminor now also offers the same world-class support to companies with individual B2B claims. Our funding and support helps companies actively minimise the risks and costs associated with litigation.

The need for external funding and case management is clear in collective investment recovery and antitrust actions. However, companies facing the prospect of B2B litigation may face similar needs, as they may not have the required focus, internal resources or budget to bring such litigation to a successful conclusion.

Our team has experience in handling complex legal cases in 13 different jurisdictions.

Building on that expertise, we are now offering to help businesses pursue claims arising from various types of misconduct, such as breach of contract, shareholder and M&A disputes, investment claims, torts or violations of intellectual property rights.

Deminor's approach

Deminor’s approach to B2B claims is the same as our approach to investment recovery or anti-trust claims. We provide a comprehensive service, ranging from case analysis and assessment of claims, to case management, back-office support and funding. Our business model is consistent throughout our practice areas: we are paid when our clients win.

Our clients always remain in control of all important decisions.

In this way Deminor clearly distinguishes itself from other litigation funders who typically take a passive role.

Deminor is in the process of engaging several senior lawyers to support our expansion in terms of B2B claims. Our various offices will be fully involved in the expansion of our services in this regard.

Deminor has already been active and will continue to pursue opportunities in common law jurisdictions. In these cases, Deminor’s services will be adapted to take into account local restrictions on the role of a litigation funder.

To receive more information about the services we offer in the field of B2B claims, please contact:
Erik Bomans ( or Charles Demoulin (


Erik Bomans

Written on February 1, 2019 by

Erik Bomans

Executive Board member & Managing Partner of Deminor Recovery Services. Responsible as managing partner for day-to-day management of Deminor Recovery Services.

Find me on

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