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Credit Suisse – Greensill

Deminor investigates potential mis-selling of investments in insured supply chain funds.

Supply chain financier Greensill Capital filed for insolvency protection in March 2021. Investors in Greensill-related insured funds structured and promoted by Credit Suisse may lose all or a substantial part of their investments. Many of those investors believed they were investing in safe alternatives to cash and money market funds.

Deminor is currently reviewing investors’ legal options to recoup the losses suffered.

No upfront costs: no cure, no pay

Your success is our success: We are only paid when we win or settle the case. Deminor handles all litigation costs and receives a percentage of the losses recovered.


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Investors in Credit Suisse funds with Greensill exposure are invited to leave their contact details to get the complete Credit Suisse - Greensill case description and to stay informed about the status of our investigations and any actions that we will propose to affected investors.

About Deminor

We assist investors in the recovery of their losses through funded litigation worldwide. Our clients are leading asset managers, pension funds and sovereign wealth funds who operate on a global basis. By funding court actions and protecting our clients from adverse party costs, we transform their legal claims into tangible assets.

We do not initiate class actions. We work in the exclusive interest of our clients in order to maximize their recovery through direct legal actions. We have built an unmatched track record over the past 25 years and have been able to obtain for our clients on average a recovery ratio of 42.6% so far and ensure a positive outcome in 81% of the recovery cases that we have launched in 15 jurisdictions.