Deminor to speak at the 2022 European Litigation Funding Conference


On May 17th, leading Law Firm Brown Rudnick will launch the 2022 Annual European Litigation Funding Conference. This one-day event, to be held at the prestigious Claridge's Hotel in London, brings together the leading litigation funders from across the world to discuss and help shape the industry’s future.


Keynote Panel Address: Innovation in Portfolio Financing – Dr. Emily O’Neill

Deminor’s General Counsel UK will be actively taking part in the event, as part of a panel that also includes North Wall Capital, Harbour and Brown Rudnick, where she and others will discuss Innovation in Portfolio Financing.

For more information on this key topic, please reach out to Emily directly via LinkedIn or email.

Complete Conference Programme

Keynote address by Gary Barnett, Executive Director and General Counsel, International Legal Finance Association (ILFA)

  1. Opportunities and Innovation in Deal Structuring
    Adrian Chopin, Bench Walk Advisors
    Robert Hanna, Augusta Ventures
    Nick Bacon QC, 4 New Square
    Moderator: Elena S. Rey, Brown Rudnick

  2. The Rise of Class Actions
    Neil Purslow, Therium Capital Management
    Sindhu Sivakumar, Innsworth
    Victoria Wakefield QC, Brick Court Chambers
    Moderator: Neill Shrimpton, Brown Rudnick

  3. Litigation Funding and ESG
    Steven Friel, Woodsford 
    Anya Neistat, Clooney Foundation for Justice
    Susan Dunn, Association of Litigation Funders (ALF)
    Tets Ishikawa, Lion Fish
    Moderator: Lord Falconer, Therium Access

  4. In-house Perspective
    Suber Akther, Siemens Energy Limited
    Nadya Berova, Barrick Gold Corporation
    Rocco Pirozzolo, Harbour Underwriting
    John Lazar, Burford Capital
    Moderator: Neil Micklethwaite, Brown Rudnick

  5. Innovation in Portfolio Financing
    Alex Garnier, North Wall Capital
    Maurice MacSweeny, Harbour
    Emily O’Neil, Deminor
    Moderator: Bill Baldiga, Brown Rudnick

  6. Opportunities in Europe
    Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm, Bureau Brandeis
    Hugo Lestiboudois, SYZ Capital AG
    Carlos Ara Triadú, Cuatrecasas
    Moderator: Mark Dorff, Brown Rudnick

  7. Enforcement and Monetisation of Awards
    Wieger Wielinga, Omni Bridgeway
    Nick Moore, AON Insurance
    Rebecca Dixon, King Street
    Neil Barnett, Istok Associates
    Moderator: Jane Colston, Brown Rudnick


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