The Covid pandemic is driving Asia’s adoption of Third Party Funding


The global economic downturn has changed the conversation in Asia around third-party funding (TPF), with corporations and law firms increasingly open to alternative financing options.

Asia’s leading dispute resolution centres have been slow to open the door to third-party funding (TPF). The global economic downturn appears set to change that situation, however, with corporations now scrambling to protect their balance sheets. Companies that may have been reluctant to consider new approaches to litigation and arbitration funding have begun to re-evaluate their budgets, with costly legal bills increasingly under the microscope. As companies throughout Asia seek to free up balance sheets from costly legal bills there will be an increasing opportunity for TPF providers to gain ground.

Read here the contribution of our colleague Olivia de Patoul in the article written in collaboration with Conventus Law and Paul Starr from King Wood & Mallesons.

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