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Pertes sur investissement(s)

Michael Watson nl

Michael Watson

Senior Legal Counsel

Michael Watson joined Deminor in 2020.

Main tasks

  • Senior Legal Counsel, responsible for Investment Recovery Actions in the United States.
  • Based in New York, Michael focuses on (i) examining recovery opportunities in the United States for institutional investors and (ii) assisting local investors with recovery initiatives throughout the world.

Previous work experience

  • Attorney with Brooklyn Legal Services.
  • Attorney with iCIMS, Inc.
  • Attorney at law with Lowenstein Sandler LLP.
  • Paralegal with Milberg LLP.


  • Juris Doctor, Harvard Law School, 2011.
  • Bachelor of Arts, summa cum laude, University of Dallas, 2004.

Additional information

  • Languages: English, Spanish (basic understanding)