Deminor engages with the Hong Kong investor community


On 13 June 2019, Deminor has co-hosted a lunch seminar in Hong Kong with the local Association of Corporate Counsels.

Since the opening of Deminor Recovery Services’ Hong Kong office last year, Olivia de Patoul (our local legal counsel) has engaged with the local investor community, which has reacted positively to investment recovery opportunities proposed. The purpose of this event was to inform the local investor community about investment recovery opportunities, particularly in Asia where many jurisdictions have legal environments suited to this type of recovery action.

Investors received during the lunch seminar an introduction to investment recovery; how to recover losses suffered as a result of fraud, misleading information or mismanagement; and as a result to restore value.

The feedback from the attendees was very positive and interest was expressed in another session, which is scheduled for October 2019.



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