Sustainable capitalism cannot afford irresponsible parent companies


Deminor Chief Investment Officer Charles Demoulin features the June edition of Litigation Funding Magazine.

Sustainability is a vital component of capitalism’s reinvention. And while many stakeholders advocate for this, numerous companies disregard those interests.

So, what can convince parent companies to comply with ESG standards on a global scale and guide their decisions towards longer term sustainability?

Our Chief Investment Officer, Charles Demoulin, tackles the issue in his article “Sustainable capitalism cannot afford irresponsible parent companies” published in the Litigation Funding Magazine.

From covering a Canadian supreme court decision to a breach of competition law, Charles dives into the issue and its real world impact. And building on these cases, he lays the foundation for the next steps on long term sustainable growth.

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Parent company liability in cases where human rights have been violated... will also complement the work of institutional investors, as it will create even more incentive for them to perform their stewardship duties.

Charles-color roundCharles Demoulin

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