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Olivia de Patoul
Senior legal counsel at Deminor responsible for the Asia Pacific Region.
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The Covid pandemic is driving Asia’s adoption of Third Party Funding

The global economic downturn has changed the conversation in Asia around third-party funding (TPF), with corporations ...

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Deminor comments on the importance of ESG in South Korea

In a recent article published in Money Today, a leading South Korean business magazine Deminor’s Asian representative ...

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China modernizes its securities legislation

The National People’s Congress Standing Committee of China approved a revised version of the securities law end of ...

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Deminor Recovery Services co-hosts a Hong Kong seminar about investment recovery opportunities in Asia

For the second time this year, Deminor co-hosted a lunch seminar in Hong Kong with the local Association of Corporate ...

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Singapore further embraces litigation funding by allowing the funding of domestic arbitration

Since March 2015, third-party funding for international commercial arbitration has been allowed in Singapore. ...

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