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We provide our clients with the financial resources to successfully litigate and monetise their claims

Charles Kotuby joins Deminor’s Investment Committee

Deminor is pleased to announce the appointment of Charles T. Kotuby Jr. as member of its Investment Committee.

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Paris Arbitration Week 2022

Deminor is very proud to announce that it is a partner of Paris Arbitration Week 2022. From 28th March to April 1st the ...

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Why the Steinhoff settlement is ground-breaking for investors

Deminor has been at the forefront of the field of collective securities litigation and settlements for over 25 years, ...

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Prospectus Liability: Hong Kong Market Misconduct Tribunal sanctions Tianhe Chemicals Group Ltd

When a Hong Kong listed company or its executives are suspected of market misconduct, the local Securities and Futures ...

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The Third Party Litigation Funding Law Review

The Third Party Litigation Funding Law Review provides an overview of and an annual guide to the law and practice of ...

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Telekom IPO Capital Markets Model Proceedings in the home stretch

Plaintiffs in Germany’s longest-pending collective investment recovery case are receiving an attractive settlement ...

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Deminor contributes to groundbreaking ClientEarth report

As the climate crisis intensifies, investors are right to be seriously concerned about the way in which many ...

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