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Défense des Minoritaires 


What is ‘Défense des Minoritaires’?

Défense des Minoritaires is a French expression that translates to "Defence of Minorities." 

Founded in 1990, Deminor is a leading privately-owned and international litigation funder. Deminor’s name, derived from the French ‘Défense des Minoritaires’, reflects its origins in providing services to minority shareholders. 

"Défense des Minoritaires” = “Dé” + “minor”.

Over the years, Deminor’s protection of minority rights and interests has grown to include the defence of individual or group claimants and corporations, both small and large. 

Deminor is still very much defined by its pursuit of good causes and its determination to restore justice, supporting minorities in attaining their entitled dues where they cannot obtain them alone.   


How It Relates to Deminor?

The Deminor Knight underpins the core values of Deminor, nobility, chivalry, dignity and strength. Deminor is resolved to uphold the rights and interests of minorities and to ensure that they are neither disadvantaged nor unjustly treated.

Deminor constantly strives to comply with the highest possible ethical standards. Therefore, we refuse to defend the positions and interests of clients that are not in line with our own ethical standards and values. Like the white knight, we always strive to protect people and to be on the side of good, to be on the right side of the litigation story. 

Deminor champions minorities in instances where conflicts or misalignments of interests arise. Such instances include those who have suffered losses caused by fraud, misleading information, violations of competition law, breach of contract, tort, or other types of misconduct.


How Deminor Defends Minority Rights?

Without our intervention, our clients would often be unable to recover their losses. Values such as access to fair justice, good governance, transparency, equal treatment, and solidarity are the main drivers of our daily activities and why Deminor commits to providing a range of services, including:

Litigation Funding:
Deminor is a leading litigation funder, providing funding to minorities seeking to protect their rights and interests through litigation and arbitration. Litigation Finance can offset the cost of legal fees, expenses, and disbursements. 

Only in the event of a successful awarding of damages may Deminor receive a portion of any agreed-upon financial settlement or award received by the client due to a result of legal action. Through litigation finance, Deminor supports minorities in levelling the playing field, as they may not have initially had the financial resources to pursue legal action independently.

Collective Action:
Deminor can assist minorities when they decide to convene to bring forward a collective action, also known as a Class Action – which can enable a group of individuals and minority shareholders to pursue legal action against a common and typically larger defendant. 

Collective Action can often be a more effective and efficient means of seeking justice, as the plaintiff structure allows those within the class to pool together resources and reinforce their leverage. This legal strategy can help to bolster the individual voices within the class and help better defend and protect their rights.

Legal and Strategic Advice:
Deminor can provide minorities in commercial disputes with legal and strategic advice, drawing from our 30 years of experience in handling commercial litigation and arbitration. 

Clients of Deminor can benefit from identifying and establishing potential claims, strength testing cases, and developing robust and cohesive litigation strategies. Our approach is centred on helping clients make informed decisions, keeping them abreast of all updates in strategy and proceedings, and helping our clients gauge whether to pursue legal action and how best to approach it.


Deminor is ‘Défense des Minoritaire’

Défense des Minoritaires is a core principle of the Deminor identity. The Defence of Minorities reflects our commitment to protecting the rights and interests of minorities and being on the right side of the litigation story. 

Deminor believes in fair and equitable legal treatment, and as such, our services are specifically designed to assist minorities unable to pursue justice alone. For those seeking due justice and litigation finance, an understanding of Défense des Minoritaires and its significance for Deminor is essential, as it reflects our values and approach to business.


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