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Our website has now been revamped to ease navigation between our three business lines: Investment Recovery, Antitrust Actions and Commercial Litigation. You will find background information, cases and news items specific to our different business units on our website.

New additions, including e-books provide you with an introduction to pursuing antitrust cases and benefiting from litigation funding. We have also integrated our blog, in which we regularly provide you with insights and analysis on relevant current issues, into our website for ease of access.

However, one major service has not changed: our secure online customer-only platform MyDeminor remains the premium solution for managing your claims. You may be familiar with our Investment Recovery practice, but are you aware of our activities in Antitrust Actions and Commercial Litigation? How about meeting our new team members and familiarising yourself with our office locations? Be sure to pay a visit.

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We are only paid when we win or settle your case.

Deminor handles all litigation costs and receives a percentage of the losses recovered.

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