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Joeri Klein

General Counsel Netherlands

Joeri Klein joined Deminor in 2009.

Main tasks

  • Responsible for the Dutch market
  • Co-responsible for group-wide investment recovery cases
  • Head of research for Dutch collective proceedings and settlements.


  • Grotius Academy Securities Law 2013.
  • Degree in Company Law, Leiden University, Leiden (2010).
  • Degree in Civil Law, Leiden University, Leiden (2009).


  • Tendensen in het Bedrijfsrecht, Collectieve dadingen in het Belgische en Nederlandse recht, Groupe De Boeck NV/SA, Brussel 2011, J.A. Klein & C. Demoulin.
  • Class actions, Class actions à la belge, opt-outs en collectieve acties, Intersentia Antwerpen – Cambridge, C. Demoulin & J. Klein.

Additional information 

  • Languages: native Dutch speaker, fluent in English.