Deminor are Platinum Sponsors of The Swiss Arbitration Summit 2024


Swiss Arbitration Summit 2024 

Deminor is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of the Swiss Arbitration Association's (ASA) 50th Anniversary Conference, with Deminor General Counsel Belgium & France Olivia de Patoul and Senior Legal Counsels Patrick Rode and Giacomo Lorenzo attending the event.

The Swiss Arbitration Summit 2024, held in Geneva, Switzerland, between January 31st and February 4th, will offer various individual sessions that delve into a variety of topics covering a range of issues and jurisdictions surrounding arbitration. 

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Deminor's Focused Arbitration Session

On Day 1 of the Swiss Arbitration Summit, Deminor will be hosting a key session discussing the topic: 

"The strategic use of litigation funding in international arbitration"

Date & Time: Wednesday, 31st January, from 14:30-16:00,

Location: Room "Jura" of the Fairmont Grand Hotel Geneva, Quai du Mont-Blanc 19, 1201 Geneva



Patrick Rode
Patrick Rode (Senior Legal Counsel, Deminor)
Silvia Lain
Silvia Lain (CEO, ABF Elettronica)
Dr. Charles Poncet
Dr. Charles Poncet (Partner, Poncet SARL)
Dr. Olivier Mosimann

Dr. Olivier Mosimann (Partner, Kellerhals Carrard)

Olivia de Patoul

Olivia de Patoul (General Counsel Belgium & France, Deminor)

About Patrick Rode:

Patrick is a Senior Legal Counsel at Deminor and is responsible for sourcing, reviewing, and managing cases that could be eligible to litigation funding in the DACH region. Before joining Deminor Patrick was a litigation associate with Latham & Watkins and litigation partner at a German law firm. He focusses on complex commercial claims, corporate and post M&A disputes, international arbitration as well as investment recovery cases.

About Silvia Lain :

Silvia Lain is the owner and CEO of ABF Elettronica s.r.l., an Italian company founded in 1986 that specializes in the design and manufacturing of customized passive microwave components for the Telecom market. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, ABF's components are supplied to leading Telecom companies for use in Radio Links and Mobile Network infrastructure, and its main customers are multinational companies that require ABF's components to be delivered worldwide. Silvia's focus at ABF is on product design, utilizing a highly specialized R&D team to provide the best possible service to customers. She also oversees all operational activities, ensuring the highest quality standards are met. Thanks to Silvia's leadership, ABF has established itself as a trusted provider of high-quality passive microwave components in the Telecom market.

About Dr. Charles Poncet:

Charles Poncet is a Swiss lawyer and former Swiss MP specializing in international arbitration, commercial and contractual litigation, and white-collar matters. He practiced at Staehelin, Hafter & Partners and in 1975 he joined his family law firm in Geneva (Poncet, Turrettini, Amaudruz & Neyroud) founded by his father and led by his brother. In 1981 he joined Lalive & Budin in Geneva, until he started his own law firm in 1986 which eventually became ZPG in Geneva and then CMS von Erlach Poncet after the merger with CMS von Erlach Henrici in 2014. Dr. Poncet has retired from CMS at the end of 2017 and practices as Poncet SARL. Charles Poncet has been active in international arbitration for over twenty years, initially as secretary of several international arbitral tribunals and subsequently as arbitrator, chairman or counsel. He appeared in several leading cases concerning large scale investments, joint ventures and other issues.

About Dr. Olivier Mosimann:

Olivier Mosimann is a partner at Kellerhals Carrard and co-chairs the firm’s Arbitration Practice Group. He has acted as counsel in numerous arbitrations involving various sectors (including pharmaceutical, chemical, high-tech, energy, construction, consumer goods, financial-service, maritime, defense, sport and insurance/reinsurance sectors) and concerning diverse legal fields (including sales, joint ventures, construction, distribution/franchise, corporate/M&A, IP/IT, public procurement, antitrust/competition and financing). He also regularly sits as arbitrator (presiding, sole, co-arbitrator and emergency arbitrator) and is experienced as legal expert.

About Olivia de Patoul:

Olivia is General Counsel Belgium and France at Deminor. She is in charge of sourcing, reviewing and managing cases that could be eligible to litigation funding. She is also involved in our Investment Recovery cases in the same jurisdictions. Olivia opened Deminor’s office in Hong Kong in 2018 and was then in charge of Deminor’s activities in Asia as she was based there. In January 2021, she relocated to Brussels and now oversees Deminor’s activities in Belgium and France, with a focus on arbitration cases (investor-state disputes and commercial arbitration) and court litigation. Olivia is a member of the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR since September 2022. She holds a LL.M. of Queen Mary University (London) and has been working for an international law firm for almost 9 years before joining Deminor.

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Learn more about the Swiss Arbitration Association here:

The Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA, Association Suisse de l’Arbitrage) is an association with over 1000 members in Switzerland and all over the world. ASA is Switzerland’s leading arbitration organisation and brings together the world’s most eminent arbitration practitioners from six continents and 50+ jurisdictions.

Key Facts: +12 events and +40 Speakers

Click below to learn more about the Swiss Arbitration Summit 2024:


Further Reading - Delos Guide to Arbitration Places (GAP):  Report on Arbitration Funding

Delos supports in-house, corporate and arbitration practitioners with effective access to key insights for a large range of jurisdictions

The GAP is designed to assist in-house counsel, corporate lawyers, and arbitration practitioners in efficiently accessing key insights into a large range of jurisdictions, including for the purposes of negotiating the choice of arbitral seats and conducting arbitral proceedings in those jurisdictions.

The GAP Report on Arbitration Funding, authored by General Counsel Belgium & France Olivia de Patoul and Senior Legal Counsel David Walker, features commentary and references as of October 2023, which you can access by clicking on the image below:

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Get in touch with General Counsel Belgium & France Olivia de Patoul to learn more about how Deminor Litigation Funding can help your Investment Recovery, Antitrust Damages and Commercial Litigation claims within France and Belgium.


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