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The Key Aspects of Third Party Funding in Latin America

In this interview, Senior Legal Counsel Paloma Castro analyses the key aspects of third party funding in Latin America, ...

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Dr. Malte Stübinger - One Year Deminor Anniversary Interview

In 2021, Deminor opened its first German office and welcomed Dr. Malte Stübinger to help grow Deminor’s presence in the ...

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Sustainable capitalism cannot afford irresponsible parent companies

Deminor Chief Investment Officer Charles Demoulin features the June edition of Litigation Funding Magazine.

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Paloma Castro joins the company to lead expansion within Iberian and Latin American regions

Paloma brings a wealth of experience within litigation and arbitration, having worked at several of the most ...

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Deminor : Gold Sponsor of the 2022 Legal Community Week in Milan

The 6th edition of Legalcommunity Week in Milan will take place from 13 to 17 June 2022.

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Veronique Chatel joins Deminor as Global Head of Human Resources

Veronique Chatel brings experience in HR development and transformation to support Deminor’s continued expansion ...

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Around 4.000 Madoff fraud victims assisted by Deminor are now at 81,35% loss recovery

My colleague Valentin Orts and I look back at our over 8 years joined efforts on Deminor’s Madoff Victim Fund claim ...

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