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Deminor supports PRC parties in international arbitration and foreign litigation nl

Deminor is pleased to announce our cooperation with TianTong Law Firm 天同律师事务所 in Mainland China ( to support Chinese parties in international arbitration and foreign litigation. The objective of the cooperation is for Deminor to provide funding for cases involving Chinese corporations, including state-owned and private enterprises, banks, and investment funds, as well as Chinese individuals, subject to due diligence on the risk profile, strategy and suitability for funding of their cases. 

TianTong Law Firm has ample experience in working with Chinese clients in complex commercial litigation and arbitration around the world, including London, Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong. Its partners have experience working in international law firms, large corporations as well as the judiciary of Mainland China. TianTong Law Firm also has a broad network within Mainland China and a deep understanding of the needs of Chinese clients.

Deminor has been committed to serving Chinese clients since we opened our office in Hong Kong in 2018. Our first Mandarin-speaking Chinese dispute resolution lawyer, Irene Lee, joined the team in Hong Kong in 2020. Deminor’s cooperation with TianTong Law Firm further signifies our commitment to the Chinese market. Chinese clients have increasingly pursued commercial transactions and investments overseas in recent years. We believe that Chinese clients have a huge demand and will benefit from the availability of third party funding in the resolution of their disputes. We also believe that Deminor’s international network, expertise and experience in disputes resolution around the globe will add immense value to the resolution of disputes for Chinese clients.    

With the growth of Deminor’s connections in Mainland China, we are also confident that we will be in a position to better assist foreign enterprises in disputes involving Mainland Chinese parties, in particular, the enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards in Mainland China. 

For additional information about Deminor’s funding activities in Chinese, please visit Deminor supports businesses in pursuing litigation and the web page of Tian Tong Law Firm

Please also feel free to contact Ms Irene Lee, senior legal counsel at Deminor based in Hong Kong, at or +852 97212829 for further information.


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