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What is litigation funding?

Innovative finance providing a no-cure, no-pay and no-risk solution to claimants.

Litigation funding is non-recourse finance provided to claimants

Litigation funding is a service where a third party (the funder - for example. Deminor) provides financial resources allowing a claimant to pursue claims through litigation or arbitration. The funder pays all legal costs and does not receive any remuneration or return unless the case is successful, and the claimant achieves a recovery. In the event of a recovery, the funder receives a share of the proceeds. If the case is unsuccessful, the funder loses its money, and nothing is owed by the claimant. Subject to regulatory restrictions in certain jurisdictions, the funder may also offer litigation management & support services in conjunction with litigation funding.

Your success is our success: We are only paid when we win or have settled your case.

Deminor handles all litigation costs and receives a percentage of the losses recovered.

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Conditions for funding

Litigation funding will only be available if the funder is convinced of:

  • Viable cause of action
  • Effective enforcement mechanism
  • Reasonable prospect of recovery
  • Reasonable profit for the funder commensurate with the risks incurred

Comprehensive due diligence is an essential foundation for successful litigation funding initiatives. The due diligence exercise, in the case of Deminor, is conducted in two stages. See how it works

What costs are covered by the Litigation Funder?

Normally, the funder covers all fees and costs in connection with the litigation. These fees and costs will be paid by the funder directly to the service provider or court, so the client does not face any cash outlays during the entire course of the proceeding. Litigation funding typically covers the following costs:


  • Lawyer fees
  • Expert fees
  • Court costs
  • Costs of arbitration institute and arbitrators’ fees
  • Security for costs (if applicable)
  • Adverse party fees (in case of loss)
  • Translation, travel and other out-of-pocket expenses

Types of claims

No type of claim is excluded from the benefits of litigation funding. As long as the funder believes that the claim has merits, that its value can be objectively assessed and that it can be acted upon in a mutually agreed-upon manner, the funder may propose its services for nearly any type of legal case. Typical claims are breach of contract, violation of intellectual property rights, insurance claims, post-M&A claims, tort claims and conflicts between joint venture partners.


  • Breach of contract
  • Corporate law claims (shareholder and M&A disputes)
  • Anti-trust claims (individual or collective)
  • Losses on financial products
  • Insurance claims
  • Intellectual property claims (breach of patent)
  • Tort claims (losses caused by wrongdoing)

The benefits of Litigation Funding

Litigation funding provides access to justice for claimants who may not have the resources available to pursue meritorious claims. Furthermore, claimants who may have the resources available may prefer to allocate their working capital to their core business. Working with a third party litigation funder can also provide access to additional extensive experience in managing complex litigation projects.


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  • Our multinational team has the prowess to litigate anywhere in the world.
  • We offer transparent, objective advice, leaving all settlement decisions in your hands.
  • We take care of all procedural aspects of litigation, freeing you to focus on your business.
  • Our support includes total funding of your case as well as law services.
  • Deminor has over 25 years of experience in supporting commercial litigation.
  • Track real time case updates through our secure MyDeminor platform.



Deminor team members recognised as ‘Thought Leaders’ in Who’s Who Legal 2022

For over two decades WWL has identified the top lawyers in the profession, and this guide brings together the insights, expertise, and wisdom of some of the world’s foremost lawyers and experts. We’re delighted to see three of Deminor’s very own featured again.

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Do you want to learn more about Litigation Funding?

Why would a corporation make use of third-party funding for its litigation or arbitration claims? Does it work for all claims? How does it work and what are the steps from initial assessment to closing of the funding? These and many other questions will be addressed in our Litigation Funding e-book.

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