The Legal 500 Scotland Awards 2023


Deminor Sponsored The Legal 500 Scotland Awards 2023

The Legal 500 Scotland Awards, took place in Edinburgh, Scotland November 23rd 2023. The black-tie ceremony unveiled winners across categories such as In-House Team of the Year, Deal of the Year, and ESG Firm of the Year. 

Deminor, a leading international litigation funder, was proud to be a sponsor of the 2023 awards and was represented by Emily O'Neill (General Counsel UK and Group IP Specialist) and David Walker (Senior Legal Counsel and Arbitration Specialist), who were in attendance at this prestigious event.

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Below, you will find several sources of further reading and information on Litigation funding in terms of blog articles, publications and whitepapers. We hope you find this information useful:

Litigation Funding e-Book

Why would a corporation make use of third-party funding for its litigation or arbitration claims? Does it work for all claims? How does it work, and what are the steps from the initial assessment to the closing of the funding? These and many other questions will be addressed in the Deminor Litigation Funding e-book.

Judicial Guides on Litigation Funding

The Third Party Litigation Funding Law Review provides an overview of and an annual guide to the law and practice of third-party funding in jurisdictions where it is reasonably well established. With a focus on significant recent cases and developments, it examines the key features of the legal and regulatory regimes governing funding agreements, as well as practical considerations when structuring these agreements.   (Cloned and moved up to embed in above paragraphs as relates to LF Jurisdictional restraints).

Litigation Funding from a European Perspective – 2022 whitepaper

Litigation funding opportunities are rising in Europe as the market matures and responds to a shifting landscape shaped by new regulations, COVID upheaval and societal change. We take a closer look at what’s driving change in the region, and the issues claimants and funders should consider if they are to successfully navigate their way through it. Read this and more in the 2022 whitepaper titled "Litigation Funding from a European Perspective," authored by Deminor CEO Erik Bomans.

Three years of WAMCA: A Quantitative Analysis

The Dutch Collective Damages Act (“WAMCA”) has now been in existence for three years. Since January 1, 2020, this law has made it possible to claim damages in class actions in the Netherlands. This new, second quantitative analysis compares developments with respect to the WAMCA in 2022 with those in 2020 and 2021. Authored by Deminor General Counsel Netherlands, Joeri Klein and Finch Dispute Resolution Partner, Koen Rutten, you can access the paper here: Three years of WAMCA: A Quantitative Analysis.

Blog Article: It’s All About You! – The Importance of the Client in Successful Litigation Funding

One of the most common questions asked by companies and law firms alike when considering litigation funding is: “Who controls the action?” Will a third-party funder who is investing in the litigation expect to control key decisions such as settlement? Will the funder even expect to control key legal decisions during the course of the litigation? Article by General Counsel UK, Emily O’Neill, and Senior Legal Counsel, David Walker. Read the article here: It’s All About You! – The Importance of the Client in Successful Litigation Funding.

Blog Article: The Business Case for Litigation Finance

Traditionally, litigation funding has been a popular option for corporate claimants without sufficient capital reserves to commit to litigation, which can be a long-term process. That is still true, particularly for corporations facing pandemic-related financial strain. However, in the last few years, we have seen more companies leveraging litigation finance as a strategic means of mitigating risk and the impact of litigation on the company’s bottom line and reported financial performance. Article by General Counsel UK, Emily O’Neill, and Senior Legal Counsel, David Walker. Read the article here: The Business Case for Litigation Finance.

Blog Article: Fast Funding – Navigating the Litigation Finance Application Process

Questions such as “Why does it take so long to get a litigation funding decision?” or “What can I do to get a fast decision on litigation finance?” are asked by every law firm and claimant at some point when seeking litigation finance. That is hardly surprising when the time from approaching a litigation funding firm to signing a funding agreement can run to many weeks or even months. Read this article by General Counsel UK, Emily O’Neill and Senior Legal Counsel, David Walker, to understand what funders need to understand about a case to help it progress through the assessment stages. Read the article here: Fast Funding – Navigating the Litigation Finance Application Process.

Learn more about The Legal 500 Scotland Awards 2023:

The Scottish legal market is one of the UK’s most vibrant, with the country’s proud domestic stalwarts competing with national and international players for dominance across key sectors, from energy to financial services and corporate to private clients.


The Legal 500 launches its first-ever legal awards in Scotland. The awards are based on a rigorous research process that includes interviews with clients and peers, as well as an analysis of casework.

These awards will recognise the lawyers, law firms and in-house legal departments setting the pace north of the border, celebrating their achievements over the last 18 months and broadcasting this success to a global audience.

The diverse range of categories, spanning from Law Firm of the Year to Finance Rising Star of the Year, reflects the multifaceted contributions that shape Scotland's legal landscape. This year's ceremony promises to be a momentous occasion as it unveils winners across categories such as In-House Team of the Year, Deal of the Year, and ESG Firm of the Year, among others.

The shortlists and winners have been determined based on The Legal 500’s market-leading independent research for the annual UK Solicitors guide. Winners will be selected by a judging team spearheaded by The Legal 500 UK research manager Ben Wheway, editor Georgina Stanley, and head of in-house research Joe Boswell, and including the efforts of all of the in-house and freelance researchers whose in-depth knowledge and understanding went into the authoritative UK practice rankings.

"331 Shortlisted, across 27 Categories"

Click on the following link to learn more about The Legal 500 Scotland Awards 2023:


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